Evolve Announces the Lamart Lamaguard Disposable Gown is Now Level 3

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In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever that healthcare works are prepared with the proper protective equipment based for their unique mission. AAMI guidelines are a broadly accepted standard of classification for personal protective apparel based on liquid barrier performance and are used to choose the right PPE for any given healthcare situation. It is why Lamart Corporation sought the testing needed to declare that the Lamaguard Disposable Gown now conforms to AAMI Level 3. The Lamaguard Disposable Gown provides barrier protection based on AAMI guidelines for Level 3 and helps to reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of infectious organisms and other pathogens. These three levels of protection allow healthcare professionals to select an inexpensive gown such as the Lamaguard Disposable Gown for the right price, and for the right use.

Lamart Lamaguard Disposable Gowns have some very unique features that enable healthcare workers to wear the gown with confidence. Lamart Lamaguard Disposable Gowns have sealed seams to help prevent liquid penetration. Each full-length sleeve has thumb loops to ensure wrists remain covered and protected. Constructed with blue PE the neck opening easily slips overhead and has memory to insure a tight fit. The gown is full length and comes in one universal size that generously fits most men and women.


The Lamart Lamaguard Disposable Gowns are not only made in the USA, all raw materials used in its manufacturing have been sourced in the USA. This is yet another reason why Lamart Lamaguard Disposable Gowns are an excellent choice for healthcare workers who require a Level 3 protective disposable gown. We just need to look back a few months to fully understand that the reliance on overseas manufacturers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can, without warning, become crippled.

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About Lamart Corporation
Lamart Corporation is located in New Jersey and is the epitome of a US based manufacturing. They are family owned and have been in business for over 60 years. In the early Spring of 2020, they saw a need arise for USA made PPE. Given the severity of supply shortages surrounding PPE nationwide to fight COVID19 they re-tooled their manufacturing, leveraged their extensive USA raw material supply network, and went to work delivering millions of protective gowns to states.