USA Made PPE: Seven (7) Real Benefits

ClockJune 14, 2021 Folder Blog KeyboardOlan Johnston

Recent history has shown us that reliance on overseas manufacturers for critical assets such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be precarious. We now know first-hand that we can become crippled with almost no recourse much less a “back up plan” for US healthcare if our dependance continues.

Fortunately, US companies continue to rise to the challenge and new state-side companies are being founded every day. However, identifying true USA made products is key. What many do not realize is that even if a certain product has a label from a USA based corporation it is very likely that it is either manufactured overseas, or the components and materials are sourced overseas. Therefore, vetting becomes even more vital. But finding those companies that keep to the quality and ethical stands we as American expect, and those who truly manufacture and source their materials from within the United States is indeed possible. One such company comes to mind.

Lamart Corporation, is a New Jersey based manufacturer of Lamaguard Level 2 disposable protective gowns and is the epitome of a US based manufacturing. They are family owned and have been in business for over 60 years. In the early Spring of 2020, they saw a need arise for USA made PPE. Given the severity of supply shortages surrounding PPE nationwide to fight COVID19 they re-tooled their manufacturing, leveraged their extensive USA raw material supply network, and went to work delivering millions of protective gowns to states.

“Lamart has always been a nimble manufacturing company. In times of need,  the company has stepped up to serve the American people, going back as far as the Vietnam War era. We do this through our work across many sectors, including the US military and leading private sector aerospace manufacturers like Lockheed and Boeing. Sourcing raw materials and manufacturing here in the US not only gives us the best quality control possible, it also shortens lead times and it provides necessary manufacturing jobs for the US workforce. It’s a win-win for everyone involved”.

– Jonathan Hirsh
President, Lamart Corporation

The benefits of purchasing Lamaguard Gowns, and other true USA made products are no longer abstract. Benefits include:

1.) Quicker turn around and accessibility to product
2.) Reduced shipping costs means reduced cost per unit
3.) Better oversight and quality assurance
4.) USA based manufactures are more motivated to satisfy their customers
5.) USA based manufacturers are more likely to leverage US based material suppliers
6.) Jobs are kept here and not sent overseas
7.) Local control of all aspects of manufacturing process