About Us

At Evolve we believe there is a better way to do emergency preparedness. A simpler way, with less friction, where customers are earned rather than bought. And so we decided to offer an alternative to the oversized online catalog of goods, and focus instead on earning your trust. We therefore strive to understand your needs, help you with cost containment, and only offer best-in-class products that meet your demands.


Our Misson

We are obsessively passionate about our mission to help people source the products and equipment they need to keep themselves and others safe. Our corporate culture is one that empowers a collaborative and creative approach to attaining those goals. We believe, especially in today’s EP climate, these are powerful and critical skills that have been proven to be highly valued by our clients.


What you can expect from evolve-ep.com

We developed evolve-ep.com because we wanted to create a trustworthy place for healthcare and emergency preparedness professionals to get product information, and an inspiring place for them to build a customized and organized response. Whether you need one product or an entire response, you can expect to receive reliable information and guidance from one of our Product Specialist so you get the right product(s) for your mission. We hope you peruse our site and enjoy the many best-in-class, field tested products we have to offer from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers.


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