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ClockMay 11, 2022 Folder Blog
By Lynn Moloney, President, Advanced Egress Solutions, Inc. The safety regulations of most buildings, designed in the past and those that are newly constructed, assume that most egresses will be used... more
ClockMay 9, 2022 Folder Blog
Excerpt: Fentanyl and analogues are water soluble, so expedient decontamination (rinsing) of any contacted areas with water is advisable. Fentanyl in its hydrochloride form (the most common street... more
ClockMay 9, 2022 Folder Blog
Excerpt: One of the main scientific gaps in the development of an adequate fentanyl contamination remediation response is related to a lack of knowledge of effective decontamination technologies and... more
ClockSeptember 1, 2021 Folder Blog
The ability to expand capacity during challenging times requires foresight and thoughtful planning. Not only is quick deployment necessary but the correct allocation of financial resources remains... more
ClockJune 14, 2021 Folder Blog
Vaccines are fragile and require strict temperature controls to keep fresh and at full potency, and the COVID-19 vaccine will be no different. The herculean journey from pharmaceutical warehouse... more
ClockJune 14, 2021 Folder Press Release
Evolve Technologies announces it’s business partnership with Lamart Corporation, a New Jersey based manufacturer of Lamaguard Level 2 disposable protective gowns. Lamart is the epitome of a US... more