ILC Dover Sentinel XL PAPR: How ONE PAPR can be used for TWO Missions

ClockJune 14, 2021 Folder Blog KeyboardOlan Johnston

The ILC Dover Sentinel XL is a unique PAPR system and the ONLY CAP 2 system on the market today. It can protect the user in two mission areas: infectious disease respiratory protection, AND hazmat/DECON respiratory protection.  Whether or not you are using the Sentinel XL for infectious disease response protection or for your hazmat/DECON operations, a simple conversion kit will allow you to use one system for both missions since the system easily converts by the change of hood, breathing tube and filters-cartridges.

Therefore, if you have the infectious disease HE system all you need is the CBRN conversion kit to transform the same system into HAZ/DECON protection system.  

The CBRN conversion kit includes:
• Butyl hood assembly
• 3 CBRN cartridges 
• CBRN Cap 2 User’s Manual 

And, If you have the CBRN Sentinel XL system then all you need is the HE conversion kit for infectious disease response.

The HE Conversion Kit includes:

  • Protective head cover (choice of 4: White Head Cover, Sentinel XL BioShield Full Hood, the Sentinel XL Clear Hood, and the new Sentinel EZ BioHood)
  • 2 HEPA cartridges and plug
  • HP breathing tube
  • HP user’s manual

Users can also determine which Head Cover they need when purchasing the HE Conversion Kit. The choices along with their APF are below.

Head Cover (White)
Assigned Protection Factor: 25
NEW EZ BioHood™
Assigned Protection Factor: 1,000
Sentinel XL Clear Hood
Assigned Protection Factor: 1,000
Sentinel XL BioShield Full Hood
Assigned Protection Factor: 1,000

Without question, the ILC Dover Sentinel XL PAPR System is the highest performing PAPR system on the market today….and it is the only PAPR system designed to serve two missions: superior infectious disease respiratory protection, and hazmat/DECON respiratory protection. It allows the user an economy of scale in procurement, training, exercising, and responding with ONE system which creates efficiencies that cannot be enjoyed using multiple systems. Our customers who use the ILC Dover Sentinel XL system know this first hand. 

“We choose the ILC Dover Sentinel XL system for our emergency departments at Kettering Health Network when we standardized our first receiver PPE a few years ago.  We have had success in using them for hazardous material decontaminations as well as routine airborne precautions such as active TB cases.  Recently, we needed to update our inventory of PAPRs as we were evaluating our ability to comply with the USP 800 requirements in our Pharmacies. Our satisfaction in the emergency department and the versatility of the Sentinel XL led us to standardize to these units network-wide on all units.”

– Christopher Kyer
Manager of Network Emergency Disaster Preparedness,
Kettering Health Network, September 2020 

Many institutions are now looking to procure new Sentinel XL systems to complete their PAPR assets. And so this fall, Evolve Technologies Corporation is working hard with all our partners to make sure everyone who currently has the Sentinel XL systems is able to procure conversion kits, breathing tubes, filters, cartridges, head tops and hoods, and as well as complete ILC Dover Sentinel XL systems.

We also developed our 2020 Asset Expansion Program to allow for deep discounts and make acquisition even more economical. All conversion kits, consumable components, and all new Sentinel XL systems of any model are available for this program which includes another 10% off the already discounted price afforded by our 2020 Asset Expansion Program.

Now with much shorter lead times than what we all experience this summer, and with the discounted pricing, we are telling all our customer now is the time to procure ILC Dover Sentinel conversion kits or for that matter, any new ILC Dover Sentinel PAPR system.