Meeting the Demands: Inflatable Shelters as Temporary Support

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Losberger TMM

The ability to expand capacity during challenging times requires foresight and thoughtful planning. Not only is quick deployment necessary but the correct allocation of financial resources remains critical since there are often several needs. One way many institutions are keeping pace with demand is by building temporary medical facilities. However, choosing the right approach for each mission is costly when trying to predict how much space will be needed. There are many options on the market today, but flexibility and reliability are paramount in challenging times when financial resources are often thinly spread.

The Losberger TMM Inflatable Shelter: A Well-rounded and Adaptable Workhorse
Quick to deploy, reliable, and adaptable, the Losberger TMM Inflatable Shelters are currently used world-wide as temporary quarantine tents, triage centers, and wards, in support of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Still there are other incalculable events institutions may face now and in the future that would necessitate the need for reliable solutions that expand space. To aid in the current struggle and those that are unforeseeable, Losberger engineered the TMM with specific characteristics. TMM shelters are:

  • Instantly deployable (Inflation rate at 100 sq. ft. per minute)
  • Modular design provides ultimate flexibility and adaptability, and ease of transport
  • Modular system is customizable without being made-to-order allowing for immediate delivery, and is therefore lower in cost compared to other inflatable shelters
  • Highly durable and engineered to maintain integrity under extreme circumstances
  • Low-pressure and supported by a self-erecting pneumatic structure
  • Designed with multiple ports for quick and easy climate control
  • Heavy-duty, fully water-tight protective environment


Infinite Possibilities
The TMM is comprised of three basic modules and is a fully modular system. TMM modules can be connected to one another in various configurations, either door-to-door creating a cross design, or through connecting corridors to create a large span shelter. They inflate quickly allowing complete setup in a remarkably short period and are engineered to maintain integrity under environmental stress and extreme use. These attributes make this specific inflatable shelter very desirable and well suited for a multitude of operations serving as both a temporary and permanent solution. The possibility to use inner partitioning curtains further adds to their versatile design.

Losberger TMM Shelter: Illustrating show how multiple shelters connect

Other customizable features include:
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Insulation liner and flysheet
  • Inner partitioning curtains
  • Rigid flooring
  • Connection corridors
  • Entrance Modules
  • HVAC climate control
  • Custom-built container / vehicle interface
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Outfitting the Losberger Inflatable TMM Shelter
Regardless of the mission, outfitting an emergency shelter can be a cumbersome task.
Fortunately, there is a great deal of product on the market that can help facilitate a fast deployment so medical personnel can begin treating patients shortly after the logistic team touches down.
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