Vericor Cool Cube

Cool Cube™ solid phase-change material (PCM) coolers passively control the temperature of cargo for an extended period of time. Four Cool Cube sizes are available and each comes complete with your choice of fridge, frozen, and controlled room temperature panels.


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cool cube 03 panels
cool cube 08 panels
cool cube 03 panels Temp Shield Insulation

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Vericor LLC.

Why we choose this manufacture

The leadership of VeriCor first joined forces to desing, train, exercise and deploy combat support hospital and forward surgical teams for departments of the Army and Army Reserve. Shortly thereafter in April 2006, VeriCor was founded after carefully selecting a staff of directors and managers with the proven experience of melding bot military and civilian emergency response kill sets, and has been growing ever since. their values are simple and direct. The foundation of our culture one of service orientation, focused on high quality results through continuous improvement.