First Line Technology PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vest

The heat activated PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vest is comfortable, lightweight, and absorbs body heat to provide long-lasting cooling. Average cooling time is 4 hours. Universal size (up to 3XL with extenders). Included: 1 pair large and 1 pair small extenders, 21 elements. Minimum order quantities may apply.


without Refrigeration
PhaseCore Elements
Absorb Heat from Body
Cooling Effect of 72°F


The heat activated PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vest absorbs body heat and provides a long-lasting cooling effect that will not overcool the body. The gentle and systematic cooling effect will help to increase user productivity while reducing heat-related illness, stress, and injuries. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vest have an average cooling time of 4 hours. Size is universal (up to 3XL with extenders).


Included with each vest: 1 pair of large and 1 pair of small extenders, and 21 elements.


US Military Customers: PhaseCore XPC US Berry Compliant (10 U.S.C. 2533a) vest are available upon request.

  • PhaseCore salt-based elements activate at 82.4° F right when you put on the vest
  • Can be stored and recharged without ice, water, or refrigeration No batteries required
  • Produce an average cooling effect of 72° F for 4 hours of cooling
  • Lightweight and designed to fit comfortably under clothing.
  • The cooling elements can be recharged over 1,000 times
  • Does not require battery power to use
  • Vests are machine washable
  • One size fits most, extenders are available with elements

Ideal for:

  • Military
  • Fire/HazMat
  • Construction Sites
  • Heat-effected Health Conditions
Material 3D Air Mesh Outer Shell / Polyester Mesh Inner Shell
Weight 5 lbs. (including elements)
Available Colors Black, White
Available sizes One Size Fits Most (up to chest sizes 50″). Please note that purchase of an XPC Cooling Vest includes Small and Large Extender Sets. Extender Sets allow the XPC Cooling Vest to reach up to a 3XL.
Average Cooling Time 4 Hours
Number of Elements 21 (Included with each vest). Element dimensions: 2″ x 5″
Weight (with elements) 5 pounds
Adjustability Zippers
Item #s FLT-D35-5060BB

Comparison: PhaseCore and Other Cooling Options


  Lightweight Does Not Require Refrigeration Does Not Require Electricity Does Not Restrict Movement Does Not Over-Chill the Body
PhaseCore Cooling Vests
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Gel Packs
Powered Water
Powered Air

Common Questions about PhaseCore

How does PhaseCore Work?

PhaseCore Cooling Elements are body-heat activated when skin temperature becomes warmer than 82°F. As the elements absorb heat from the body, they provide a gradual 72°F cooling effect that can last up to four hours (depending on body type, level of activity, and working environment). PhaseCore Cooling Elements do not over cool the body, nor will they prevent sweating or cause shivering.


Can I wear clothing over my vest?

Yes! Placing a layer of clothing over the vest helps insulate from the surrounding air, keeping more of the cold inside to cool your body.


How do I store my vest?

If storing your PhaseCore Cooling Vest with your Cooling Elements, store in a cool, dry place. Do NOT store vests with elements in temperatures above 135°F, like a hot car. If elements are stored in temperatures above the activation point (82°F), the high heat will reduce the number of times the Elements can be recharged and they will require recharge before use.

PhaseCore Model Comparison

  PhaseCore XPC PhaseCore Standard Mesh
  XPC Standard Mesh
Average Cooling Time 4 Hours 3 Hours
Number of Elements 21 (Included) 16 (Included)
Weight (with Elements) 5 pounds 3.6 to 3.9 pounds
Sizing Universal Universal
Size Extenders Included Sold Separately
Adjustability Zippers Velcro
Outer Material 3D Air Mesh Polyester Mesh, Polyester, or Carbon X
Included with Vest PhaseCore XPC Extender Set: 1 pair of small and 1 pair of large extenders, and 21 elements. 16 Elements (Extenders sold separately)

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