Westcot Toddler Cot

The Westcot Toddler Cot is essential for displaced children. Designed for portability, safety, and comfort, the cot unfolds and sets up in seconds wherever needed. Includes: Mattress and safety rails. Capacity: 150 lbs. Available individually or as a 10-Cot System.


The Westcot Toddler Cot is a multi-functional cot for toddlers and provides a safe, comfortable place to sleep and rest. Designed for portability and comfort, it is an essential item for displaced children, detention facilities, general population shelters, and special needs shelters. The Toddler Cot unfolds and sets up in seconds wherever or whenever it is needed. At 47 inches long and with a 150 pounds working capacity, its heavy-duty construction is built for ultimate durability and safety. It is easy to decontaminate, and all materials exceed FED STD 1633 for flammability. Antimicrobial soil resistant triple layer vinyl mattress is included.


The Westcot Toddler Cot can be purchased individually or as a 10-Cot System.

  • Mattress included
  • Safety rails included
  • Friction welded (spun) tubular ends
  • Heavy duty leg locks
  • Anti-tilts (stabilizing bars) included
  • Reinforced vinyl coated decking
  • Safety and instructional labeling
  • Lightweight rust proof aluminum frame (stores securely and can be rapidly deployed)
  • Customizable sleeping surface
  • Spring and deck design provides superior comfort
  • Combined spring stretch resistance of 3,520 Lbs.
Mattress Included – 2” Convoluted Foam Mattress, antimicrobial, soil resistant, triple layer vinyl, easy to decontaminate
Load Testing Exceeds IMS Settle Load Testing at 5,000 cycles (x 150 Lbs.)
Safety rails Included
Anti-tilt bars Included
Materials All materials exceed FED STD 1633 for flammability
Frame Lightweight, rust proof aluminum
Dimensions (deployed) 47″ x 24″ x 10”
Dimensions (stored) 24″ x 24″ x 6”
Weight 14 Lbs.
Working Capacity 150 Lbs.


Item #s
Westcot Toddler Cot (Single Cot)
Westcot Toddler Cot (10-Patient System)
Westcot Disposable Linen Pack for Toddler Cot (12-Pack)

Westcot Toddler Cot 10-Patient System

Westcot Toddler Cot


The Westcot Toddler Cots are proven assets for any sheltering scenario with their compact and resilient design. With a standard crib dimension, an antimicrobial/soil resistant mattress, anti-tipping bars, and safety rails, the Westcot Toddler is durable and easily maintained.



  • (10) Westcots Toddler cots
  • (10) Westcot Toddler antimicrobial/soil resistant mattresses
  • (10) Disposable Linen Kits
  • Anti-tipping bars
  • Safety rails
  • (1) Westcart Storage Cart

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